Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby step

Am depressed right now so i need to talk about happy things. Baby steps towards managing stress in life. 

Things to be greatfull in life are many. First of all, my baby has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She melts my heart all the time. I can't be angry at her for more than 3 seconds cause she knows my weakness and that is her being all manja with her hugs and kisses whenever she does smth wrong.   

Second is my job. Yes ironically i am actually very proud with where I am today. My work is tough. Working at the site and be surrounded by those fools but those fools are the one who will teach me to be a better person as a whole. Btw, i'm currently working at sunway construction as a planning engineer.

Third, i have a house. We bought it last year and did a little renovation when i was in confinement. I'm so happy with the ID of my house cause we did it from scratch. Every element has a story and it turn out pretty good.

4th is my car. I have free cars. Not 1 but two free cars!!

Ok now i feel better

Off to bed

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